How Coyosy Is Disrupting The Consumer Electronics Industry


Tons of wireless audio devices are sold yearly, but most of these devices get tossed after 1 or 2 years of use due to inability to repair, scarcity of spare parts, and the unavailability of an all-in-one modular solution.

To fix these challenges, Coyosy developed Speaphone, the world’s first fully modular 2-in-1 wireless audio system providing a pair of premium headphones and smart speakers in a single product. Another interesting feature of Speaphone is it can be maintained and upgraded without any tool or technical expertise, helping audio enthusiasts save money and reduce clutter while enabling planet recovery.

Coyosy is a consumer electronics company on a mission to lead the consumer electronics industry into financial and environmental sustainability through novel forms of modular design. With its patent-pending 3-stack modular design, Coyosy will offer Speaphone in various configurations at different price points, making premium portable audio accessible to everyday audio consumers, tech enthusiasts, and eco-conscious individuals.

Coyosy's back story

The story started with Coyosy’s co-founder Fady, an Egyptian national currently based in London. After years of bad experiences with wireless audio gadgets, as they would either break or become outdated, and no way to economically upgrade or repair, Fady spent a great deal of money purchasing new wireless audio devices every year.

Deciding to take action, he began consulting product designers and experts in the consumer electronics industry, and he learned he could solve the problem with well-thought design by embracing modularity and true-wireless technologies.

Equipped with a vision, a rock-solid team, and a functional prototype, Coyosy is now backed by Bethnal Green Ventures, Europe’s leading early-stage tech for good VC.

In the next few months, Speaphone is launching its Kickstarter campaign. If you are interested, visit and sign up for the ‘Get It First’ program to be an early adopter.