Revolutionizing Healthcare in Nigeria Through Technology


Access to healthcare is a major challenge in many parts of Nigeria. This is due to the insufficient number of skilled medical workers and the lack of efficient health infrastructure. The desire to revolutionize the health industry led to the development of the Tremendoc Health App.

Tremendoc Limited designed this app to minimize the stress of visiting the hospital and waiting for hours to see a medical doctor. In a case where all a patient needs is counseling, there is no need to go all the way to the hospital to meet with a medical doctor.

With the Tremendoc App, you can easily consult a doctor on your mobile phone, regardless of your location. There is a pool of highly skilled doctors ready to provide quick, convenient, and efficient consultation, as well as recommend, examine, and diagnose a broad range of treatments.

The features of the Tremendoc Health App include:

  • Doctor consultation
  • Health tips
  • Diet and nutrition plans
  • Health management plans, etc.

The core values of Tremendoc Limited are Patient Focus, Professionalism, Value Addition, and Quality of Execution. There is no doubt that this app will improve access to quality healthcare and reduce healthcare costs.