Afrobytes, Connecting Africa’s Tech Industry and Other International Communities


Changing the general perspective about Africa is no easy task, but every effort targeted towards achieving this goes a long way.

By organizing international tech events, Afrobytes intends to give the African tech industry a global stage. Afrobytes is a business networking event platform that provides African startups with exposure and opportunities to connect with international investors and possibilities.

co-founders Ammin Youssouf and Haweya Mohamed established Afrobytes with the ultimate goal of positioning African tech at the forefront of global tech. Using their native and educational backgrounds, Ammin and Haweya set out on a mission to change the negative perceptions the majority of people hold of the continent.

More than just a networking event platform, Afrobytes is an African tech organization that supports African tech startups globally. This platform not only connects the African tech industry to the world but also unifies Africa as a continent and as a brand.