Ada Labs the Impact-Driven Fusion Lab Nurturing Entrepreneurs


The most successful innovators are those that have learned to make things work whether the conditions are favorable or not. John Kamara founded Ada Labs to help SMEs and companies maximize the opportunities Africa provides. 

Ada Labs is an innovative and impact-driven fusion lab actuating the tech revolution globally from Africa with a mandate to nurture the next generation of socially impactful, commercially driven entrepreneurs that will transform the world from Africa.

Built on AI, blockchain, and smart technologies, Ada Labs has built its services to ensure SMEs and companies can maximize all opportunities across tech and business. Ada Labs is focused on driving innovation and creating sustainable impact through valuable partnerships along the ecosystem.

John Kamara believes that by building SMEs and companies that can maximize their resources to thrive, provide sources of employment, solve problems and be impactful to the community, we can galvanize a movement and revolution in our continent.