Shezlong the Egyptian Startup Improving Access to Mental Health Care


Using electronic and communication technologies as an adjunct to mainstream therapy for mental health treatment is an emerging approach that could improve the affordability, accessibility, and effectiveness of mental health care.

In the MENA region, a social stigma is associated with mental health and psychotherapy. To combat that, Egyptian startup Shezlong provides anonymous and confidential psychotherapy through its digital platform.

Unable to find a good online psychiatry therapist when he needed it the most, Ahmed Abu Elhaz, founder of Shezlong, created the Cairo-based mental health platform in 2014, becoming the first online psychotherapy platform in the MENA region.

Shezlong enables users to find and directly consult licensed psychologists and psychiatrists at an affordable rate through its web-based platform. Shezlong, through video-conferencing therapy, helps millions of users from various countries to privately connect with licensed, qualified therapists regardless of time and location. It also offers free assessments to help users understand their mental health and identify possible psychological problems.