How Brimore is breaking barriers of local commerce in Egypt


In 2016, Egypt’s currency devaluation led to an unparalleled wave of inflation, resulting in a drastic increase in the prices of goods and product shortages in stores. Consequently, local suppliers and SMEs struggled to display their products in a manner that appealed to their target market. 

Ahmed Sheikha and Mohamed Abdulaziz deduced that direct social selling was the best way to curb this inflation and, in 2017, established Brimore. Using direct sales as an alternative trading channel, the Egyptian company aims to provide consumers with an array of high-quality products at competitive prices, eliminating the additional costs of middlemen, distribution, storage, and marketing.

Brimore is a social commerce and end-to-end distribution platform providing local suppliers with nationwide coverage through an interconnected network of individual distributors selling directly in their neighborhoods via all possible channels and where manufacturers can display their products and directly obtain market feedback.

Brimore believes that the future of selling lies in direct sales and has enabled several thousands of social sellers across Egypt to start and grow their businesses without initial capital.