Nailab Empowers Entrepreneurs with Knowledge and Opportunities


Availability of resources and knowledge are some of the challenges entrepreneurs face in establishing their startups. In Kenya, Nailab is changing that narrative by lowering the barrier to entry for tech entrepreneurs looking to start and scale their businesses.

Nailab is a Kenyan startup accelerator that provides a platform where tech entrepreneurs can leverage knowledge, technology, and funding opportunities to solve emerging problems on the continent. Through mentorship and training programs, Nailab helps tech entrepreneurs turn their innovative ideas into profitable and viable businesses.

Sam Gichuru initially founded Nailab as a coworking space incubator to help entrepreneurs avoid the hassle of paying exorbitant rent but subsequently expanded to offer training and acceleration programs to young tech entrepreneurs. With their recent partnership with the Jack Ma Foundation, Nailab intends to fund ten startups with $1 million every year for the next ten years.

Nailab will have a significant impact in Kenya’s tech industry and the continent by stimulating the establishment and growth of tech-based startups, contributing to job creation, and enhancing economic development.