Argineering Egypt


Interactive environments are attractive in video production, but only a few in the creative industry get to create them as artists and designers need programming skills to do the technical part.

Argineering is an Egyptian design-centric startup seeking to democratize robotics for everyone, starting with the creative industry. The startup creates no-code gadgets, software, and platforms for creatives to move their camera and designs without technical restraints.

The Argineering team believes that art and design should interact with people the same way we interact with each other, inspiring the production of RGKit – the world’s first device customized for designers and artists to create interactive environments and immersive experiences.

Through the RGKit, artists and designers with no engineering skills can add tons of movement to their designs easily and affordably, bringing their ideas and designs to life with lights that react to movement, designs that can detect passersby, items that turn to touch sensors and objects that twirl and swirl.

Since its partnership with Flat6Labs accelerator company, Argineering has expanded its client base, reaching several global brands and showrooms.