How Boost Ghana Is Onboarding MSEs Into Africa’s Digital Economy


In running a business, sales are only as successful as the products in stock, and the constant availability of in-demand products is critical to success. However, most micro and small enterprises (MSEs) in Ghana face the challenge of minimal working capital and difficulty frequently restocking inventory.

Boost Ghana solves these problems and enables business owners to thrive in the digital economy by offering convenient stock ordering and delivery services. Cofounded by Joseph Kuvor, Boost Ghana targets retail MSEs, providing shopkeepers with a range of fairly priced inventory and doorstep delivery which removes the hassle of going to the market to purchase supplies.

Understanding that the vast majority of its target market is not tech-savvy, the Boost Ghana app was developed leveraging digital tools that merchants are already familiar with, providing merchants with a great user experience and smooth purchase processes.

Also, Boost Ghana’s order and payment records provide the entrepreneurs with a documented ledger consisting of a compilation of their order and payment history that could serve as formal accounts when dealing with regulators and lenders.