How InstiQ is revolutionizing the African tech space


Solutions built by African companies are best for Africa, yet most Africans lack trust in locally developed solutions. On a mission to change this narrative, Tolu Davids founded InstiQ, a leading provider of tech solutions in Africa’s financial, educational, and health sectors.

Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, InstiQ is a software development and fintech company that helps organizations across various sectors digitally transform their services. The company develops bespoke software that adequately addresses the peculiar needs of each client and gives the business a competitive edge in their sector.

InstiQ develops solutions that serve as either software as a service (SaaS) or a software licensed product for organizations with a focus on business digitalization, automation, integration with other system solutions, and process improvement.

With a record of in-house solutions that have stood the test of time, InstiQ’s goal is to constantly develop innovative solutions through strategic partnerships with a broad range of international software, middleware and hardware companies to meet the distinct needs of clients across Africa.