Helium Health: The Nigerian Startup Digitally Transforming Africa’s Health Sector


In many African countries, there is a disconnect between healthcare facilities regarding patients’ medical history. Lack of access or delayed access to patients’ data affects the doctor’s decisions and can result in avoidable deaths.

Helium Health is helping Africa overcome this issue by digitizing the health information system.

Through their Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) products, Helium Health provides an efficient record-keeping and retrieval system and reduces financial leakages. Thus, enabling healthcare facilities to provide unparalleled quality of care, automate their processes, and grow their revenue.

Helium Health seeks to allow interoperability between hospitals and eliminate the need for paper records by providing a platform where patient records can be easily accessed.

With the EMR and HMIS products, Helium Health is accelerating Africa’s digital transition to a tech and data-driven health sector.