Fundi Bots is Reforming African Education With Robotics Training


“The opportunities are endless. Your only limitation is your imagination” — Solomon King Benge

In many African countries, science education is limited to theory. Practical and problem-based learning is almost nonexistent. This missing part of the educational experience has led to poor overall academic performance, reduced skill development, and low career prospects among young adults.

Founded by Solomon King Benge, Fundi Bots is mitigating the technology divide between classrooms and the real world by working with schools to provide hands-on and practical STEM education for students.

As a child, Solomon’s curiosity and passion for science weren’t nurtured in the education system. Frustrated with his experience, he created a space where curious and passionate children could learn, be guided, and inspired to fulfill their dreams.

Fundi Bots is a non-profit organization that offers robotics training to children to boost classroom performance, provide hands-on skills, and empower students to impact their communities positively. 

Their platform aims to give children the skills they need to thrive in the next generation while teaching them to be problem-solving thinkers and innovators.