Expensya is Automating Expense Management for Companies Globally


The conventional process of managing expense reports and receiving reimbursements is embedded with friction. However, Expensya, a Tunisian fintech startup, is upending the status quo by digitizing the entire expense management process, creating a frictionless experience for its users. 

Founded by Karim Jouini in 2014, Expensya is a smart web and mobile expense reports management software that helps companies efficiently streamline the entire expense management process, from generating electronic invoices to reimbursement handling.

Expensya also facilitates data transmission and perfectly integrates with accounting systems.  The software leverages Information Architecture (IA), Cloud, and Machine Learning to automate every stage of expense management while avoiding input errors, addressing mobility issues, and giving a clear view over the company’s expenses in real-time.

Designed for all companies regardless of sector and size, Expensya enables professionals to ditch the complicated and time-consuming task of managing expenses and effectively handle all expense claims.