Mipango, The AI-Enabled Personal Finance App Guiding Tanzanians To Better Financial Management


It’s been said that not paying attention to one’s expenses is the easiest way to become bankrupt. However, keeping track of expenses could be a hassle one would normally want to avoid.

Having experienced these issues first-hand and realizing that most existing solutions were Westernized, cofounders Agness Mollel and Lilian Makoi came together to develop a local solution that would help Tanzanians keep track of their expenses.

Mipango app is an AI-enabled personal finance app developed by Mipango fintech limited that enables users to manage their finances, achieve their financial goals, and access relevant financial advice and investment opportunities.

The app is built in the local Kiswahili language, giving it an edge over other similar financial apps. Mipango focuses majorly on youths aged 18-35 who own a smartphone and a source of income owing to the general belief that such people are mostly spenders rather than savers.