Farmcrowdy the crowdfunding Platform Empowering Nigerian Farmers


For centuries, the agricultural sector has relied on technology in one form or another. However, now digital technology is becoming increasingly essential in facilitating agricultural productivity.

Realizing how challenging it is for small-scale farmers to access Nigeria's finance market, Kenneth Okonkwo and co-founder Tope Omotolani established Farmcrowdy, a crowdfunding platform for farmers. Farmcrowdy is a Nigerian agritech company revolutionizing the agriculture sector by connecting small-scale Nigerian farmers with sponsors.

Farmcrowdy aims to boost food production and sustainability in Africa by providing the necessary tools and technology for small-scale farmers and agribusinesses to increase food production with lower production costs, better yield, and smarter marketing. Through the Farmcrowdy app, interested individuals and corporates can easily sponsor and invest in agricultural production for maximum returns.

Since launching in 2016, Farmcrowdy has engaged with over 182,000 farmers and empowered over 25,000 farmers across Nigeria.  Over the next few years, Farmcrowdy plans to impact a million farmers, expand access across Africa, and help Nigerian farmers connect to the global market.