How AI in Africa is Contributing to the Artificial Intelligence Revolution


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been touted as a potential solution to many challenges facing African communities. The growing cluster of specialized educational opportunities is building a network of students and experts with the skills to deploy AI solutions. 

AI in Mamelodi is part of the AI in Africa Girls Bootcamp series that took place across South Africa in 2019. This bootcamp was a tech-based initiative for girls in previously disadvantaged communities to expose them to tech using hands-on, experiential learning. It involved a series of events which tasked participants with utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and design thinking to create purposeful, high impact solutions that address local challenges.

By equipping youths with skills in AI and other relevant fields, AI in Africa wants to tackle the systematic exclusion of African youths in various 21st-century careers, inspiring a new generation of problem solvers and innovators that would shape Africa’s future.