Ensuring Food Security by Bridging the Gap Between Farmers and Consumers


Post-harvest food loss is increasingly becoming a critical issue for African farmers and poses a threat to sustainable food security. There are a number of factors that can lead to food loss. These include inadequate marketing systems, lack of resources and information, poor processing facilities, poor production planning, amongst many others.

Due to post-harvest food losses, farmers are deprived of the full values of their labor. Food loss does not only reduce food availability; it also results in increased waste production and other negative externalities for society. 

The AgroFeed app is a strategic commodity-based platform that is used to reduce post-harvest loss by bridging the gap between smallholder farmers and consumers. It links smallholder farmers directly to organizations that buy from them at competitive prices, thereby, bypassing the middlemen. This app also links smallholder farmers to transport operators and Agric extension officers. 

The app aims at maximizing profit for farmers, eliminating hunger through efficient transport of farm produce, and promoting gender equality by assisting female smallholder farmers. The field agents are well trained to help farmers in diverse ways and ensure that farmers get a ready market.

The AgroFeed app would go a long way in curbing post-harvest losses and, thus, ensure food security by increasing customers’ access to farm produce.