Aella, An Online Platform Digitizing Access to Financial Services for Emerging Markets


A major impediment to MSME growth in several emerging economies is the inability to access credit and financial services. The Nigerian fintech startup, Aella is nonetheless committed to promoting financial inclusion by providing trustworthy and instant credit to millions of individuals in the world’s emerging markets.

Aella is an emerging market digital lender that provides instant credit solutions to employees and individuals, eliminating the hassle of regular loan applications and enabling such to borrow at fair, competitive rates.

Founded in 2015 by Akinola Jones and Wale Akanbi, Aella has remained focused on enabling individuals and businesses in emerging markets to access financing easily and has visibly impacted over 300,000 borrowers, particularly from the low-income segment. To simplify the borrowing process, Aella determines its users’ creditworthiness through a proprietary credit scoring algorithm.

In 2017, Aella scaled into a fully digital platform by partnering with Paystack to help scale and power their transition to fully digital lending. While Aella’s primary offering is lending, the platform also offers investment, insurance, and bill payment services.

Leveraging technology, Aella takes the hassle out of finance by offering solutions that boost ease of use, efficiency, and simplicity of financial services.