AfriEDX the Mauritius EdTech Non-Profit Using Immersive Tech to Enhance the Learning Process


In most African countries, education is boring and monotonous, resulting in an increasing loss of interest and school drop-out rate. Immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) have much potential in making the learning process more interesting, engaging, and dynamic.

AfriEDX is a non-profit edutech company based in Mauritius that leverages immersive technologies to enhance pupils’ interest and engagement in the learning process. By fusing immersive technologies with traditional teaching models, AfriEDX wants to increase students’ success rate and decrease the school drop-out rate.

AfriEDX’s mission is to make immersive educational experiences accessible to younger learners all across Africa. Through Home School SI (HSsi), AfriEDX enables teachers to create more contextualized educational content, and students can learn anywhere, despite internet connectivity or transportation limitations.

The introduction of immersive technologies in education will fix the insufficiencies of traditional methods, helping students understand new concepts better and empowering communities for social and economic development.