Stutern Equips Ambitious Young Africans With Digital Skills to Boost Their Employability


Of the thousands of students who graduate from higher institutions each year, many end up unemployed due to the saturated labor market. Stutern was created to solve this problem by equipping students and graduates with digital skills to make them stand out for job placement in the labor market.

Based in Nigeria, Stutern is a skills development platform that trains ambitious young Africans with skills relevant to the 21st century and connects them with long-term employment opportunities. The Stutern Graduate Accelerator Program offers internship opportunities to applicants that market them to employers by boosting their experience and skillset.

At Stutern, participants are provided with the right mentors, challenging projects, and peer-to-peer critiques that help them master any skill and gives them a head start to getting their dream tech job. Following the internship training program, Stutern sends out the CVs and portfolios of participants to various companies in need of their expertise, fast-tracking their employment journey.

The platform also allows employers to search and shortlist candidates for employment opportunities based on their skills and qualifications, shortening and easing the employee recruitment process.