Mobihealth – The Telemedicine Platform Providing Quality and Affordable Healthcare


Digital technology holds massive possibilities for healthcare, and founder Funmi Adewara is tapping into such potential to address the challenges peculiar to Africa’s healthcare system.

Mobihealth is Africa’s first integrated telemedicine and digital healthcare platform on a mission to make quality and affordable healthcare a reality for Africans and the rest of the world. The platform offers 24-hour access to highly skilled doctors from various countries worldwide, ensuring everyone, irrespective of location, can access timely and cost-effective healthcare services when needed.

Currently operating in Nigeria and London, Mobihealth connects millions of Africans to medical practitioners worldwide through video consultations from their mobile devices. Leveraging technology, Mobihealth is revolutionizing access and delivery of healthcare services, particularly in African countries by providing personalized, world-class patient care at affordable rates.

To support the fight against COVID-19, Mobihealth launched the first teleguided DIY swab test that enables patients to do their COVID screening and test from home.