LifeBank is Using Technology to Increase Access to Essential Medical Supplies


Many Nigerian hospitals lack sufficient blood reserves supply, and most blood banks can’t guarantee they’ll meet demands. The issue of blood shortage poses severe consequences in emergency cases, but LifeBank mitigates that by serving as the missing link in the blood supply chain.

LifeBank is a medical distribution company that uses smart logistics, data, and technology to increase hospitals’ access to essential medical supplies like blood and oxygen when needed. The LifeBank donor app makes voluntary blood donation easy by connecting blood banks to donors and has the most extensive digital blood donor database in Nigeria.

With their efficient data and logistics system, LifeBank is hastening the process of blood delivery and helping blood banks react more effectively to demand while maintaining optimum quality control standards.

By facilitating blood delivery from blood banks to hospitals, this Nigerian health tech, and logistics company has saved numerous lives and aims to extend their impact worldwide.