How Vezeeta Is Digitally Transforming Patient Healthcare Experiences


Unlike when shopping in a mall or dining at a restaurant, patients lose some autonomy on stepping into a healthcare facility due to fear of making the wrong decision and pressure to choose the appropriate procedure.

Leveraging technology, the MENA eHealth startup, Vezeeta is eradicating fear and indecision amongst patients by giving them the power of choice and information to access good quality, affordable healthcare while digitally streamlining their healthcare journey.

The Vezeeta app lets users search for and compare doctors based on their specialization and location, allowing them to make decisions based on previous patients’ reviews before booking an appointment. Hospitals can also utilize the company’s practice management solutions to manage patients’ appointments and data for more efficient service provision.

Following the recent expansion into sub-Saharan Africa, Vezeeta intends to extend its services to cater to patients who lack access to technology and expand its product portfolio to several other markets.