Software to Detect and Trace Infected COVID-19 Patients in Ghana


With the world in the midst of a global pandemic, it’s all hands on deck when it comes to finding solutions for detecting and curing COVID-19. Currently, more than we’ve ever seen before, the public and private sectors are joining together in service of the greater good of humanity.

Africa is no different. The tech community is not sitting back idle, waiting for the government to find solutions. Instead, developing innovative solutions to overcome this crisis.

In Ghana, The Ghana Institute of Surveyors has developed software that can detect and trace all persons infected with COVID-19, and hopes to install it on all mobile phones and non-smartphones.

The function of the application is threefold:

  1. Contact tracing
  2. Monitoring 
  3. Evaluation

Nonetheless, we look forward to seeing the role software will play in creating a safer and healthier Ghana during this global pandemic.