How ILLA the Cairo-based startup is using tech to disrupt the logistics sector


In the logistics industry, shippers need to either invest in owning a fleet, which involves massive capital expenditures and many operations challenges, or employ an outsourced drive in which they lack control over the efficiency of the delivery process.

Cairo-based logistics startup ILLA wants to solve this problem by providing logistics services and solutions via its digital platform. Launched in March 2019 through the Flat6Labs Cairo accelerator, ILLA offers full-stack logistics solutions to SMEs and corporates operating in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry.

Having noticed a lot of inefficiencies in the FMCG logistics process, cofounders Mahmoud El-Zomor, Alaa Jarkas, Ahmed Sakr, and Hossam Saraya came together to devise strategic solutions. ILLA digitizes every step of the delivery process from planning to execution by monitoring each client’s logistics activities, optimizing it, and converting it to sales growth.

The platform connects FCMG companies with an extensive network of trucks of various types and capacities to act as an internal fleet, providing complete control and visibility over the driver.  By streamlining the logistics process, ILLA’s dynamic solution helps clients to overcome the daily market challenges involved in delivering products to various types of retail and non-retail outlets.