Betelhem Dessie Creates Anyone Can Code with Ethiopia’s first AI lab iCog Labs


As tech and innovation hubs sprout all across Africa, new generations of innovators are emerging, with a simple mission: to provide solutions to local problems through technology.

In Ethiopia’s Sheba Valley, the young tech entrepreneur, Betelhem Dessie, has a vision that is indeed global. By age 20, Betelhem had six software programs patented in her name and was traveling across Ethiopia, teaching students coding skills and leading innovation workshops.

Partnering with Ethiopia’s first AI and robotics lab, iCog Labs, she started the program iCog – Anyone Can Code (ACC). The ACC program focuses on teaching children the basic skills needed in the 21st century, such as coding, Internet of Things (IoT), and robotics, thus, fostering a generation of problem solvers and logical thinkers.

As an advisor for iCog’s ‘Solve IT’ project, Betelhem also works with young innovators from all over the country and helps them showcase their inventions as they find tech-based solutions to local problems.

In summary, Betelhem is a revolutionary tech genius who is all about making an impact and inspiring others to create a better society.