TrepAfrica’s on a mission to foster enterprise culture and inspire African entrepreneurs


African entrepreneurs are blazing new trails, but Africa’s enterprise narrative is under-told. A Nigerian youth, Oluwaseun Akidiri has however, taken up the task of reinventing Africa’s story and fostering the enterprise culture in Africa.

Oluwaseun is the founder and creative strategist of TrepAfrica, a media experience on a mission to promote the enterprise culture, inspire and empower African entrepreneurs. He believes that fostering Africa’s enterprise culture is a powerful force for sustainable economic growth.

TrepAfrica initially started in 2015 as a quarterly business forum for young entrepreneurs in Ondo state, Nigeria, until Oluwaseun saw the need to give a face and a voice to the entrepreneurs. So far, TrepAfrica has documented hundreds of some of the most innovative and thriving African entrepreneurs’ stories and brands using epic video production, brand innovation designs, and digital platforms, inspiring young people to imagine more.

Through its innovative strategy, TrepAfrica has helped startup brands and entrepreneurs gain visibility, increase revenue, and brand growth and is looking to collaborate with partners, sponsors, and investors globally to reinvent Africa’s narrative for the future.