Wuilt the Arabic Website Builder is Helping Businesses Develop an Online Presence


While there are several online tools to help build English websites, the same cannot be said for Arabic websites, despite Arabic being one of the world's most spoken languages. However, the Egyptian startup - Wuilt is trying to resolve this issue.

Launched in 2019, Wuilt is an online Arabic website builder available as a SaaS platform that helps individuals and businesses automatically and intelligently create their websites within 5 minutes. Curated to readily provide all the necessary tools for building a professional website, Wuilt enables people with little knowledge in website development to easily build, create, and manage their websites.

Last year, the pandemic forced many companies to move their operations online. With Wuilt, companies in the MENA region, of various sizes and industries, were able to launch and scale their digital presence.

And despite the challenges of the pandemic, Wuilt is one of the startups that has been able to remain on its feet and thrive. To support SMEs in the region during the pandemic, they offered an 80 percent discount to maximize the number of businesses with access to their services.