Getboda, Kenya’s Smart On-demand Logistics Platform


Africa’s logistics industry is one of the most expensive in the world. Digitization of the industry will reduce the overall cost of logistics and also boost speed and efficiency.

Getboda is an on-demand e-logistics platform that partners with experienced and reliable couriers and delivery agents to offer e-commerce, courier, and food delivery services via its mobile app. Through the platform, Getboda aims to connect and empower local businesses with efficient logistics services.

The Getboda platform uses a crowdsourced model that connects shippers and transporters with third-party logistics companies in a single network accessible through the mobile and web application. Getboda’s route optimization software creates more efficient travel routes for the transporters, reducing the time and cost incurred in goods delivery.

Businesses in need of courier services can conveniently access registered and vetted vans, trucks, and motorbikes via the mobile app for convenient product pick-up by their customers. Using smart technology, Getboda is revolutionizing and optimizing the logistics industry while providing businesses with reliable and affordable logistics services.