GCIC is Mitigating Climate Change Issues in Ghana


Presently, climate change effects are already being felt across Africa, from individual health and livelihoods to food productivity, water availability, and the continent’s overall economy. Nonetheless, Ghana Innovation Center (GCIC) is working to mitigate climate change in Ghana.

GCIC is Ghana’s pioneering business incubator focused on developing SMEs and entrepreneurs in the country’s ‘Green Economy’, thus, increasing business activity in the climate technology sector. GCIC’s mission is to develop and support revolutionary ventures and entrepreneurs innovating adaptive and mitigating solutions to Ghana’s climate change issues.

GCIC focuses on five main economic sectors:

  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Water management and purification
  • Climate-smart agriculture
  • Solar power
  • Domestic waste management 

In addition to training and incubating promising climate technology startups, GCIC also provides dedicated proof of concept grants and seed capital funding to qualified SMEs to bridge local funding gaps.