Decagon Helps Young Talents Launch a Career in Software Engineering


Following the digital disruption across various industries over the last decade, there’s been an increased demand for technical skills. But upping one’s skills to meet the demands of the constantly evolving digital field can be quite demanding in terms of resources.

In 2018, Chika Nwobi founded Decagon, a software development training institute that provides full-stack software engineering and leadership training to exceptional young people and connects them to high-paying jobs within and outside Nigeria. Decagon runs an intensive 6-month internship program focused on transforming brilliant Nigerian youths into world-class software developers and pioneers in the tech industry.

Upon completing the internship program, Decagon organizes a career fair where graduates showcase their skills to various high-profile organizations for possible employment opportunities. The institute also offers a “learn then pay-as-you-earn” option to give room for individuals who would ordinarily not have been able to participate.

By equipping brilliant Nigerian youths to take advantage of the new digital economy, Chika Nwobi hopes to turn Nigeria into a global tech hub and end its global underrepresentation.