Tizeti is Bridging Africa’s Connectivity Gap Using Solar Technology


Despite the evolution of mobile technology in Africa, internet connectivity is still plagued by a low penetration rate. Founded in 2014, Tizeti is a Nigerian startup combining solar power and Wi-Fi connectivity to provide unlimited internet access to customers at low prices. 

Due to the lack of fast and affordable internet services to run their initial business plan, Founder Kendall Ananyi and his friend abandoned their plans of establishing a video curating company and decided to tackle the challenge of poor internet connectivity in Africa.

Leveraging the massive wireless capacity available with Wi-Fi and the plunging price of solar panels, Tizeti has set up a low CAPEX/OPEX network of solar panels to boost internet connectivity. The company currently provides millions of Africans with high-speed broadband internet, particularly small businesses and rural areas, through its solar-powered towers that connect users within a 2km radius.

Although Tizeti started in Nigeria, it has since extended its services to Ghana and intends to further expand to other African countries.