Olusola Ayoola founded RAIN to foster Africa’s expertise in robotics and AI


The future is automated, and there’s an increasing shift of industrial focus to the use of automated systems, especially robotics and AI, in enhancing human and business effectiveness across various sectors.

While working in the UK, the idea of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Nigeria (RAIN) started in the mind of Olusola Ayoola, the robotics engineer who had a dream of an African country that would be able to compete with China in providing technical solutions.

Most African countries, however, still have a deficit of experts in the Robotics and AI field as the traditional university curricula are yet to be widely reviewed and caught up with the recent growth. Holding on to his dream and passion for knowledge transfer, Olusola returned to Nigeria to kickstart the RAIN project in 2020.

RAIN is a world-class tech hub and research center committed to building intelligent machines, training and certifying youths in automation, robotics, AI, 3D printing, CNC machining, and machine learning. The RAIN project aims to fill the knowledge gap and develop the African workforce needed to export next-generation solutions to the world.

Olusola and his team are definitely on to something and are well on their way to leading a global revolution, as is evident with the several products they’ve developed cutting across various sectors both locally and internationally.