Safaricom Partners with Posta Kenya to Revolutionize Kenya’s Postal Service


With email providing an instantaneous virtual connection, it is easy to overlook the importance of the postal mailbox. However, the rise of eCommerce has reaffirmed the need for a postal address among shoppers, especially for those shopping from international platforms.

Mobile Post Office (MPost) is an innovative product developed by Kenyan entrepreneurs, which converts mobile phones into virtual post office boxes. MPost turns mobile numbers to formal postal addresses through which mails and parcels can be accessed anywhere in Kenya.

To boost its services and facilitate MPost reaching the masses, The Postal Corporation of Kenya (Posta Kenya) has partnered with Safaricom. This partnership will allow Posta Kenya to rent out physical mailboxes to Safaricom customers using their mobile numbers at a highly discounted rate.

By digitizing postal services, MPost is tackling the lack of a national addressing system in Africa, boosting Kenya’s revenue generation from eCommerce, while addressing accessibility, affordability, and reliability issues in mail delivery and eCommerce service.