BongoHive – Zambia’s First Tech and Innovation Hub


The journey of an entrepreneur can be arduous, and support is key. Hubs and Incubators play a crucial role in supporting grassroots initiatives and entrepreneurs to ensure they get a chance at succeeding.

BongoHive is Zambia’s first tech and innovation hub for startup businesses. Established in 2011 at Lusaka, the co-founders sought to address the gaps that lead to a lack of skills exposure, coordination, and productivity within the local tech industry.

BongoHive assists scalable startups by enhancing skills, increasing collaboration, accelerating growth, strengthening networks, providing a platform for ideas exchange, and lowering entrepreneurship barriers.

The programs at BongoHive are crafted to guide startups and innovators through the entrepreneurial journey and turn their ideas and projects into profitable businesses.

In addition to their programs, BongoHive organizes issue-specific seminars and workshops and hosts a broad range of industry networking events.

Since its establishment, BongoHive has attracted the attention of dignitaries such as Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex. Also, the tech giant, Amazon, who has partnered with BongoHive to catalyze the growth of entrepreneurs.

Moreover, at BongoHive, untapped potential is unleashed through entrepreneurship by helping young minds build viable solutions to address the challenges in their communities.