Yunga is Combining Community Engagement and IoT to Reduce Crime


Collaboration within communities is crucial to maintaining safety and averting acts of violence. In Uganda, Yunga Technologies has developed a device to ease community policing among residents.

The Yunga device is a low-cost digital rescue network that connects a string of households within a neighborhood and tags them to a nearby police station. Each Yunga device has a control center linked to other wireless devices of connected homes and sends off an alarm while also alerting the tagged police station in case of a security breach in one of the households.

The Yunga network ensures the protection of connected households, whether the occupants are home or away. Through this security tool, Yunga Technologies intends to bridge the communication gap between neighbors and security agencies to reduce crime rates in the community.

Going forward, the company intends to take the product through and beyond Uganda alongside creating versions geared towards outdoors and office security.