Africa Code Week Seeks to Groom the World’s Best Programmers


Many companies in Africa struggle to fill IT related positions with local and qualified candidates despite being the continent with the world’s largest and youngest workforce. A direct result of the small percentage of African children who finish school with basic coding skills.

Africa Code Week is an initiative to boost digital literacy across the continent and spark the young African populace’s interest in coding through hands-on, fun, interactive learning. It is the largest coding event on the continent and aims to ensure that Africa will produce the world’s best programmers in the near future.

This initiative involves thousands of free coding workshops structured through various age groups across 35 countries and online. Aware of the teachers’ role in shaping children’s education, Africa Code Week also builds teaching capacity by equipping teachers across the continent with 21st-century skills.

With skill-impacting initiatives like this, it’s only a matter of time before African kids take the world by storm.