AhadooTec Develops Ethiopia’s First Mobile Learning Platform


Due to lack of infrastructure, inadequate training, and rote learning, Ethiopia suffers from low enrollment in secondary schools. AhadooTec, however, is on a mission to fix this through its free online and offline learning platform for students aged 14 to 19.

AhadooTec is an Ethiopian ICT company dedicated to tackling some of the country’s challenges with innovative solutions. Fidel, the first product developed by AhadooTec, is Ethiopia’s first mobile learning platform, which enables personalized learning and allows users to access educational materials using any device.

Built to help African students obtain better qualifications and improve their career prospects, Fidel also helps students track their learning progress and effectively prepare for exams.

AhadooTec has developed several other applications, including Collect, WALI, and ERCA, to solve problems peculiar to the Ethiopian environment. Asides from app Development, AhadooTec also provides outsourcing, IT, and business consulting services and runs a code academy.