Lifi-LED is Solving Energy And Broadband Issues for Africa, One Country at a Time


Title: Lifi-LED Is Solving Energy And Broadband Issues For Africa, One Country At A Time

Not many companies focus on solving more than one major problem at a time. However, Lifi-Led seems to be an outlier, finding the perfect link and bridge for two problems inherent to many societies across Africa – lack of broadband internet and lack of power.

Though, as with many other technology companies, the idea for Lifi-Led was borne out of a personal experience. To ensure that no other Ivorian is stuck in the middle of nowhere without broadband and electricity, Lifi-Led’s cofounders, Cedric Doffou and Ange Frederick Balma, began the company, leveraging technology and exceptional strategic planning.

The broadband and electricity sectors of any country are complex. However, the company found a way around the hurdles with solar energy and innovative ICT. As expected of every ambitious company, Lifi-Led aims to expand beyond the shores of its founding country into other African countries with broadband and electricity problems.

Having been run for ten years already, the company looks promising and ready to be here long into the foreseeable future.