Bookings Africa – Africa’s Leading Online Marketplace For African Creatives


Talent is the success of any organization, but sourcing for and engaging the right talent remains a huge challenge in Africa despite the high unemployment. A key reason behind this is the prevailing mismatch in skills offered by job seekers and those sought by employers, resulting in an overall ineffective hiring process.

Bookings Africa is a Pan-African marketplace leveraging technology to revolutionize how talents across various industries are sourced. The company’s mission is to unlock the earning potential of young African entrepreneurs and monetize their latent skillset while enabling clients to save on time and cost incurred in sourcing talent.

Through its online marketplace, for the first time, African creatives can easily connect with potential clients, promote their services and get value for their work. On the other hand, clients can seamlessly hire creative freelancers across several industries and pay securely for services across Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa.