Meet Samson Rwahwire, the NEF Fellow Using Nanotechnology to Solve Africa’s Pressing Issues


The nanotechnology boom has created several possibilities globally and revolutionized various industries, including food, health, and construction.

One of the Next Einstein Forum (NEF) fellows, Samson Rwahwire, is tapping into nanotechnology’s potential to solve some of Africa’s pressing challenges. Samson is the Director of Graduate Studies, Research and Innovations at Busitema University, Uganda.

Having spent a couple of years abroad developing aerospace materials, Samson returned to Uganda, keen on applying the knowledge acquired using local materials available in his vicinity. That was the inspiration behind his development of nano-inspired materials to build sustainable cities and communities in Africa.

Using nanotechnology, Samson intends to address the continent’s food security and environmental challenges. Samson says employing nanotechnology in road construction would reduce the overall cost incurred and prolong the durability of such roads. Another issue Samson addresses is food spoilage by utilizing nanotechnology to produce sustainable packaging materials for food.