Naya Labs Introducing Brilliant African Minds to the World


Africa is filled with talent that has limitless potential when given the right opportunity. Several companies are creating platforms and opportunities for African talent, and Naya Labs is one.

As a  full-service software development company, Naya Labs has the skillset and resources required for businesses to launch new products and develop existing technology.

After building several profitable web brands, Founder Asafu Thomas saw the need to create a technology outsourcing company that would serve as a bridge between talented Africa-based developers and fast-growing US companies.

Naya Labs provides its clients with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to achieve their goals. Their top-notch developers and the exceptional team will successfully take your product from the discovery stage, through the design, development, and maintenance stages, with a 24/7 support system.

Naya Labs also hosts a monthly networking series that brings together founders, aspiring entrepreneurs, and existing business owners. From the discussions and stories shared, you'll leave inspired for your own business journey.