Donate-ng, Nigeria’s Online Fundraising Portal For Charitable Projects


Fundraising has always been embedded in the African culture, and in this digital age, the internet has proven to be handy in reaching donors on a global scale.

In 2015, Aheeb Afeez and three other charity enthusiasts came together to build Donate-ng, an online fundraising and crowdfunding portal where Nigerians with causes and projects can easily access financial support from donors locally and abroad.

Donate-ng’s first fundraising project was for a little girl battling cancer, where they successfully raised about eighty percent of the funds needed for her treatment. It has since then come a long way, finding a way to build trust with donors and validate each claim, and has realized over 1900 projects to date.

The platform’s crowdfunding model is donation-based, focusing mainly on social good, life events, and personal causes ranging from medical bills to community projects, tuition fees, or capital projects by charity organizations.