Hacklab Foundation Is Advancing Technology In Africa By Driving Innovation


Maker spaces and hackerspaces are a growing development to enable everyday people gain access to tools and the collaborative inspiration to combine tech, engineering, and art in new and innovative ways.

Headquartered in Ghana, Hacklab Foundation is a local expression of this global movement on a mission to promote innovation and creativity among youths by decentralizing access to technology education and tools.

Hacklab Foundation is an international non-profit organization grooming the youth for 21st-century digital jobs through skills development and technology education, with footprints currently spanning across Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and India.

Hacklab Foundation is known for its Annual Hackathon event hosted in Ghana, which brings together over a thousand developers, designers, entrepreneurs, development partners, and other tech community stakeholders to discuss critical issues, identify opportunities and create tech-enabled solutions for emerging economies.

Through boot camps, hackathons, digital skills training, mentorship and coaching, internship, and job placement, Hacklab Foundation aims to become a global vehicle driving growth and innovation in Africa.