How Code for Africa is Facilitates Data Driven Journalism


Data is a crucial tool that makes journalism more immediate and relevant to individual readers. There’s a lot of opportunities for data journalism to be done if only newsrooms and journalists are exposed to the needed data literacy.

Code for Africa is a Kenyan nonprofit organization that empowers journalists to separate facts from fiction by doing more data-driven storytelling. The program aims at catalyzing African media to deliver current, high-quality news that engages the audience and sparks systemic changes around key issues.

Through a network of civic technology and open data labs, Code for Africa improves the journalism sector and facilitates open government on the continent. Code for Africa is designed as a medium for partnerships, enhancing innovative collaborations and knowledge sharing between communities of journalists and technologists.

Currently operating in over ten countries and gradually expanding to the rest of the continent, Code for Africa hopes to use data journalism to help citizens make more informed decisions, spurring civic engagement and innovation across Africa.