Cellulant – A Digital Payment Platform Powering and Organizing Africa’s Marketplace


About two-thirds of Africans are not connected to the formal banking system, relying on informal networks to get loans and save, dramatically reducing their ability to absorb financial shocks and plan for the future.

Cellulant is a leading Pan-African fintech company on a mission to facilitate easy access to financial services and promote financial inclusion for all Africans. Through its several innovative and transformative products, including mobile banking solutions, easy-to-access digital payment solutions, and interoperable financial services, the unbanked can open accounts, cut charges, and save for the future. Cellulant also has a range of products targeted at assisting farmers and SMEs across various industries to widen their reach through improved financial services.

In 2018, Cellulant experienced rapid growth and a business boom that led to an unexpected massive failure, but this served as a wake-up call for the company to change its technology approach. In a bid to achieve this, they turned to New Relic to provide the required end-to-end visibility and solve all the technical issues, enabling the company to offer a seamless service for users.