Using AI and Machine Learning to Improve Productivity in Livestock Production


Most farmers across the world, particularly African farmers, experience extensive loss of livestock due to diseases. Such damages deprive farmers of the full benefits of their hard work and labor. Several innovative efforts have been directed towards improving the productivity of livestock farmers. One is finding a way to detect and prevent the spread of animal diseases quickly.

Christine Kihunde, the co-founder of Jaguza Tech, a Ugandan company that employs cloud-based technology for livestock management, was one of the winners of the Pitch AgriHack 2019 competition.
The platform is an online and offline livestock management system focused on empowering livestock production in a bid to strengthen national food security. Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and big data, Jaguza Tech has been able to proffer solutions to some of the major issues affecting the livestock sector.

Affordable sensors, GPS trackers, livestock collars, and smart ear tags are used to gather information about animals' location and body temperature in real-time. Once an abnormality is detected, a signal is sent to the mobile app, and the farmer gets a notification. The farmer can then make further observations and quickly address whatever issue was detected.

Livestock farmers are encouraged to give the Jaguza Livestock App a try for improved productivity, and more efficient health monitoring and management of their livestock.