TC Townhall Discuss Issues and Opportunities in Nigeria’s Health Tech


Focusing on the healthcare development of a nation can go a long way in boosting the nation’s economy. In most West African countries, healthcare is seen as a cost, whereas it is an economic investment that improves trade, productivity, and business.

Healthcare policies should aim at improving quality and access, while at the same time, reducing cost. Investment in healthcare has to be approached open-mindedly while bearing in mind that it is a long-term investment.

The widespread application of technological interventions in solving the many health challenges in Nigeria would result in lower health costs. This would thus lead to increased access to quality healthcare by more people.

Techcabal is a future-focused platform that comprehensively addresses African innovation and technology. In one of the TC Townhall events, some of the top healthcare investors, innovators and policymakers were convened to explore and discuss the issues and opportunities in Nigeria’s health tech sector. 

While there are investors and platforms interested in investing in Nigeria’s health tech and the health care sector as a whole, there are some issues that could deter them. Such issues include:

  • Lack of adequate attention to the primary health care system
  • Poor investment in skill augmentation of health care professionals
  • The prevalence of substandard medical products

It is believed that addressing these issues, along with the many others, would go a long way in improving the state of health tech and health care generally in Nigeria.