MobileForms – Africa’s largest data collection and analytics network


Data has been said to be the currency of the future, but with paper forms still in use, Africa struggles in gathering quality and reliable data.

MobileForms is a product of CrowdForce aimed at providing clients with reliable data that gives them a comparative advantage and helps them make business-boosting decisions. The data analytics platform enables private and public organizations to crowdsource reliable and verifiable data across Africa.

The parent company, CrowdForce, is a tech-driven agent distribution network enabling efficient data collection and delivery of financial services to Africa’s mass market. Leveraging the power of field agent crowdsourcing and mobile technology, MobileForms provides real-time business information to clients, simplifying the process of designing, distributing, and gathering data from anywhere across the continent.

Through its network of field agents spread across Africa, the platform provides trusted industry and market research for public and private organizations, drastically reducing their turnaround time for decision making. MobileForms, under the Federal Government Tradermoni initiative, recently facilitated digital identity creation, loan disbursement, and recovery to over 2.5 million petty traders across Nigeria.