Geoffrey Siwo Wants To Convert The Internet Into One Giant Global Lab


Traditionally, medical research is carried out in laboratories, but what if the internet was converted into one giant lab?

This is precisely what Geoffrey Siwo intends to achieve by combining AI with genetic data and scientific knowledge. Geoffrey Siwo is an assistant research professor at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, and a NEF fellow who plans to change how medical research is currently done by making it faster, scalable, and channeled to those who need it the most.

Geoffrey’s model involves using the internet to connect humans and machines worldwide to solve important biomedical problems. He says the internet as a lab will turn biomedical problems into computational data that can be solved at the speed of computation by a network of humans and machines on the internet, leading to augmented intelligence globally.

While the internet cannot replace physical labs, it can connect the capabilities of physical labs around the world with human and machine intelligence globally. Geoffrey believes a network of humans and machines not constrained by physical labs can solve problems faster and better than the biggest companies and fastest supercomputers, thus, advancing science at computational speed.